Balance with a Smile

"Life is like a Game: Improving Yourself and Sharing fun with Others is more important than winning." - Alexander Korf, World Champion Coach

Growing Up

I was born in a small dutch town called Diever. Diever is a nice little town of around 6.000 people situated near the edge of one of the large forests in the Netherlands. I grew up there enjoying school, playing soccer, running in the forests and playing with friends.

Educational Life

I went to primary school in Diever, secondary (VWO) school in Meppel and attended Wageningen University to study Biotechnology and specialized in Process Automation.

Professional Life

I started working for Randy Topp at Turniek Business Improvement. Randy taught me the ropes of being an IT Consultant and after 8 years I decided to become a freelance IT Consultant.

I recently became an Odoo Learning Partner to provide consultancy services in ERP.

Esports Life

Since 2006 I have been active as entrepreneur in gaming. I have explored the world of gaming, organized many events, advised the Dutch Government in how to use gaming to their advantage and founded one of the largest Esports communities. I have build many teams in the Netherlands, UK, Australia and the US and won many national, international and European titles. We even became the first world champions in Call of Duty in 2013 with team Fariko Impact.

I am currently working with a group of dutch fellow esports entrepreneurs to found the Dutch Esports Federation.

Performance Coach

During my team-building endeavors in Fariko Gaming I discovered my passion as a coach. My coaching methods are based around MBTI and I became a certified MBTI Professional. I provide services concerning MBTI Step 1 and MBTI Step 2.


As an entrepeneur I approach Life philosophical.

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